What information does a member need to have to complete the authorisation process?

We need the following information to authorise your treatment:

  1. Fedhealth membership number
  2. Date of birth of patient
  3. Reason for admission, ICD10 and applicable tariff codes for the proposed treatment (the member’s doctor must give these to him/her)
  4. Date of admission and the proposed date of the operation or treatment
  5. The referring doctor’s name and telephone and practice numbers
  6. Name of the hospital with telephone and practice numbers
  7. For a CT scan, MRI procedure or similar procedure, the name of the radiological practice.

Phone us: 0860 002 153
Monday to Thursday 08h30 – 19h00
Friday 09h00 – 19h00
Email us: authorisations@fedhealth.co.za

All costs covered from the Major Medical Benefit need to be pre-authorised by the Authorisation Centre on 0860 002 153.