Hiring a Mother Is Good for Business

Working Moms

Simple question: Do you care more about the hours spent at the office, or how well the job gets done? Shouldn’t people be evaluated on their performance rather than the amount of time they spend at their desk? (Half of the time your full-timers are on Facebook anyway, right?!) Bosses in Singapore are recognising the […]

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Mood Swings in the Workplace

Moody at Work

Can “Debbie downers” affect your productivity? We all, from time to time, get out of bed on the wrong side when work is the last place where you want to be, right? Perfectly normal. But, when mood swings and outbursts cause a hostile work environment, or alienate clients; well, then you have a problem. The […]

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Smart Not Hard

Do you have a million items on your to-do list with not enough hours in the day? Off course you are more than familiar with this scenario, right? Frankly, whether you’re working a traditional 9-to-5 gig or running your own business, we all struggle with productivity. So, what is the answer? Working more hours? Think […]

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Romantic Relationships in the Workplace

Office romance

When co-workers mix business with pleasure, it’s important for employers to take note. With many of us spending more and more time at the office it’s not surprising that many working relationships blossom into something more intimate. Thing is, when you hire a bunch of passionate, engaging people, a couple of them are bound to […]

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What If You Don’t Love Your Job?

Unhappy at Work

It’s official: Most people are miserable at work. According to just-released data by Gallup, only 13% of people worldwide actually like going to work! It’s a disturbing number, to say the least. Much have been debated about how important it is to find a job you love. But, maybe it’s not as critical as we’ve […]

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Top Productivity Hacks


Scrambling to complete deadlines, wearing 18 different hats and answering a slew of emails and phone calls? Time has almost everything in common with money; we waste it, we spend it, or we save it. There are only so many hours in a day and being more productive does require being more deliberate about time […]

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Mental Health Issues at Work

unhappy employee

Are you worried about someone at work because their behaviour is concerning you? Is your usually dependable colleague missing deadlines, looking tired and overwhelmed, avoiding social activities, or taking too many sick days? How do you address what’s happening – or more importantly, should you? You might think that it’s not your place to talk […]

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Fast Track Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder

HR, Career

Want that promotion? Getting the job done, and done well, is non-negotiable when it comes to career success, but there are other areas you can focus on to help you secure your next big promotion. A successful career requires more than knowledge and raw talent. Climbing the career ladder won’t be the result of one […]

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Build a Legacy


If you had to leave your current line of work today, what would the footprint be that you leave behind? When you look back on your career, was it an epic journey so far, or merely a sequence of lucky escapes that will be forgotten fast? Will you still be talked about next week, next […]

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Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Healthy Work Environment

Providing a healthy work environment isn’t just the latest fad created by major corporations such as Google and Facebook. Why is this so important? Countless studies have been conducted over the years regarding the impact of the work environment on those who occupy it and that spending your days in a healthy, positive workplace can […]

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