Doodling: A means of concentration in the workplace.


Now that 2017 has officially started it is time to get back to the daily work schedule, fraught with what many perceive as meaningless and trivial tasks which demand a lot from our cognitive resources. As your ability to focus in meetings may be less than ideal for those of you who prefer more active […]

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Work Harder: Creating Purpose for 2017


As you return from vacation feeling refreshed and relaxed, you may have mixed feelings about returning to the office and what is referred to as the “daily grind”. Maybe you feel excited to re-join the workforce, or maybe you feel a bit apprehensive, not willing to experience the strain of long, copious hours. Either way, […]

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Time for a new job


Are you surrounded by colleagues who are supportive and fun to work with? Do you feel that your career is going somewhere? Do you have job satisfaction? If the answer to all these questions is “never”, perhaps you should think about abandoning ship. Or, on the other hand, maybe you have a good job, work […]

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Unmotivated at Work


Ok, so let’s be honest, work for the most part sucks. Even if you’re part of the 13% of people worldwide who actually like going to work, chances are likely that you’d rather be doing something else, right? Even if you love your job, you will most likely not feel motivated every day, and that’s […]

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Refresh the way you work.


Since we spend a great deal of time at work, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Relooking the way you work from time to time not only keeps things interesting, but can also help prevent a burnout.Marissa Vicario, a New York-based certified health and wellness coach, says: “If you aren’t at your best, […]

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When it’s time to leave your job.


So you’ve tried positive reinforcement, to psych yourself up, and to make peace with that difficult co-worker. But somehow, you’re still not enjoying life at work. When is it time to move on? Annual surveys of workers tell us that job satisfaction has been on a continual and gradual decline since the 1980s (bottoming out […]

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7 Skills of Top Achievers

Top Achievers

What separates the high achievers from the mediocre, the successful from the ordinary? Steve Jobs, Lewis Pugh, Oprah … what make them rise above the rest? Have you worked really hard to achieve a goal? Yes, burnt the midnight oil on many occasions, just to have failed in the end? It is such a Debbie […]

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End The Juggle Struggle

Juggling Career

Forbes reports nearly 71% of women who work today have children under the age of 18. Super woman is a juggler living in suburbia! The balancing act of a job combined with managing a family can potentially become a circus act. Many women spend the majority of their day at the office putting out fires […]

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Office Wellness


When spending the vast majority of your day sitting at a desk, it is important to consider your own wellness. Office wellness is also referred to as ergonomics. Often we don’t realise the damage we are causing ourselves simply by sitting at a desk all day. Everyone has experienced that annoying back or neck pain […]

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Avoiding Office Politics

Office Politics

No matter where you work, there will always be office politics. This is because employees spend hours and hours together and often end up competing for the same positions. It is hotly debated whether one should avoid office politics or get involved as there are risks to both sides. The traditional view is to avoid […]

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