When does experience trump a qualification?

Happier Employees

It’s the age old question of which is better, qualifications or experience. In the near distant past, qualifications such as university degrees were a high enough qualification to go straight into employment. However, with an ever increasing number of people attending university, qualifications are become less and less of a differentiating factor from other job […]

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The Best Way To Reward Employees

Employee Rewards

It’s important for a business to reward employees for hard work – not only does it benefit the business as a whole, but also increases employee satisfaction and retention. Rewards and recognition are often used interchangeably when discussing rewarding employees. However, these are two entirely different concepts. Rewards are usually physical rewards such as gifts […]

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Friends at Work


Does your significant other refer to one of your co-workers as your “work-husband” or “work-wife?” Do you have that one person at work that you can talk to about anything and everything? We all know that workplace friendships are notoriously tricky to navigate; you will be treading on delicate ground! On the one hand, having […]

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Managing Conflict at the Office

Conflict at Work

Are you spending your work days mad at a co-worker, trying to avoid that person and subconsciously finding fault with everything they say and do? Not fun!Everyone has to deal with difficult people from time-to-time. Whether they are argumentative, abusive or stubborn; the question is how do you assert your own rights without exploding? According […]

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Beat Stress At Work


Do you define your workplace as “frantic”? Are you struggling to deal with the ever changing dynamics at the office? You are not alone. The average business professional has 30 to 100 projects on their plate (at the same time!). Did you know that 4 out of 10 people at large companies are experiencing major […]

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Unhappy at Work?

Unhappy at Work2

Newsflash. According to Gallup unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by two to one worldwide. Turns out that only 13% of employees worldwide are happily engaged at work! Of course you didn’t need statistics to know that. Being miserable at work has just become a way of life. Or has it? Have you turned into one […]

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Zika Virus


Quick facts • Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. • People with Zika virus disease usually have a mild fever, skin rash and conjunctivitis (red eyes). The incubation period is a few days to a week, and symptoms normally last for 2-7 days. • There are currently outbreaks in certain […]

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Improving office ergonomics for healthier, more productive employees


According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online, ergonomics is “the scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done in order to improve effectiveness”. By improving the way that employees physically use and behave in their workspace, you can assist in avoiding injury (particularly neck and back injuries), decrease fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. Here […]

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Managing Workplace Stress

Managing workplace stress

Stress is part of the human condition and is even healthy in small doses. But stress can also be debilitating, not just psychologically, but physically too. High stress levels are a factor for numerous medical conditions. With many employees needing to cope with aging parents, a difficult financial climate, juggling family responsibilities and other commonplace […]

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Empowering employees to care for themselves


Research by PwC estimates that the cost of lost productivity is 400% higher than the cost of treating chronic illnesses. By working with medical schemes, companies can help their employees to take better care of themselves, becoming both healthier and, in turn, more productive. Make staff aware of health tools and how to use them […]

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