Why overloading on screen time could damage the brain


In the modern office we are constantly online, as we jump between our laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones. At home, we’re likely to watch TV, play video games and spend some more time on our phones or iPads before or in bed. Here’s how to limit the damaging effects of screen time on our […]

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Why using network providers is worth your while


Ever wondered why medical schemes encourage you to use their network partners, and why you cannot visit any GP, specialist, pharmacy or hospital without incurring extra costs? Here we explain the benefits of using the Fedhealth networks, how to find contracted practitioners and facilities, and the implications should you as a member choose to use […]

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Getting the most from your Chronic Disease Benefit


Some of us are diagnosed with chronic diseases like diabetes, depression or epilepsy, for which we need treatment on an ongoing basis. Without these specific medications, our lives and well being could potentially be in danger. Fedhealth has a comprehensive Chronic Disease Benefit that cares for chronic patients and their specific needs. This Chronic Disease […]

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A new Principal Officer for Fedhealth


Fedhealth has appointed a new Principal Officer, Jeremy Yatt, with effect from 1 July 2015. Jeremy succeeds Peter Jordan, who amicably parted ways with the Scheme due to strategic differences.   He is no newcomer to standing at the helm of Fedhealth, having been its CEO from 2003 to December 2009. With a BA LLB […]

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Get the Low Down on the Proposed Amendments to PMB Legislation


Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has recently proposed a review of Regulation 8 of the Medical Schemes Act, saying that the current Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) legislation is just not sustainable – and we at Fedhealth agree. The problem is that some healthcare service providers take advantage of the fact that schemes have to pay for […]

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MERS-coV – REAL help if you need it.


What is MERS-coV? Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), also known as camel flu or EMC/2012, is a viral respiratory illness. It was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012, and is essentially transmitted by tiny drops of body fluid, usually mucous or saliva, suspended in the air, usually via coughing or sneezing from infected […]

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