Using gene testing to improve our members’ health

Fedhealth has partnered with Intelligene to offer members genetic testing to improve their fitness regimes and medication treatment plans.

All Fedhealth members can now have a gene test done to get a clearer picture of their wellbeing. The cost will be for their own pocket, but can be claimed back from available day-to-day benefits.

What is Intelligene?

Intelligene is a South African medical bio-tech company that specialises in genetic testing.

Benefits of genetic testing

Having a gene test done will help you to better understand aspects of your health and wellbeing like:


Get valuable insights into your health and susceptibility to chronic diseases. With personalised recommendations for your lifestyle, diet and supplements, you can work on optimal health outcomes for a better quality of life.


Optimal weight management needs to fit your unique genetic profile and test outcomes. We’ll help you make informed choices and personalise your diet and supplement regimen for a more tailored approach to managing your weight and feeling your best.

Sports performance…

Get personalised and effective training recommendations based on your unique needs, maximising strength and endurance while minimising the risk of injury.


Pharmacogenomics refers to how genes affect your response to medication. Learn which kinds of medicine and doses are likely to be most effective for you to treat hypertension, hyperlipidemia, depression and diabetes without undue side effects, and at the right dose for optimal clinical effect.

What about the member’s privacy?

Members who pay for the gene test from their own pocket or from their day-to-day benefits will be able to share the results with any healthcare provider via an OTP process.

Did you know?

Fedhealth is one of the first open medical schemes in South Africa to be offering precision medicine-based genetic testing directly to its members!

How to get the gene test done

Fedhealth members who want to have their gene test done through Fedhealth and Intelligene can follow these steps:

  • Start the registration process by visiting the Fedhealth Family Room login page. Once logged in, click on the Intelligene banner to proceed further.
  • Order the test kit.
  • Receive the test kit via courier.
  • Take the test.
  • Return the test kit via courier.
  • Receive the test results including recommendations.
  • If required, the member can discuss the test results and recommendations with their treating doctor.

Find out more

Click here to see our Intelligene FAQs or send an email to with any queries you might have.

Fedhealth is really excited about the potential for gene testing to improve members’ healthcare and wellbeing, as well as empower medical professionals to make better decisions.