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24 Hour Nurse Line

The Fedhealth Nurse Line – 0860 333 432

Questions about unfamiliar symptoms, medical and drug information or common home remedies for dealing with sick children, nutrition and diet or more sensitive questions relating to health are answered in the most confidential and professional manner by our experienced nursing staff. Before making that appointment at the doctor or rushing off to the emergency room, get the right advice and you can save time and money.

The Fedhealth Nurse Line:

  • Assesses your symptoms and refers you to the appropriate type of health care
  • Provides you with important health knowledge on any aspect of health from surgery to detailed information on varying problems such as lice, moles, measles or mumps
  • Provides expert counselling on any chronic ailments or diseases to help you live with the condition or that of a loved one
  • Provides expert information on medicines, including purpose, side effects, and contra-indications

Call the Fedhealth Nurse Line for:

Emergency Medical Advice
In the event of a medical emergency, the Personal Health Adviser will provide appropriate first aid advice to you in order to assist you until medical help arrives.

Assessing day-to-day symptoms
The Personal Health Adviser can give advice on various common illnesses such as colds. Although unable to diagnose, the nurses have access to a computer database and their own clinical experience to guide you through various home care advice strategies.

Important health knowledge
The Personal Health Adviser can explain various medical terms; results of tests and explain procedures to you as well as give dietary information.

Drug database
A complete drug database is available to assist you with information on a specific drug; the contra-indications; when it should be taken and whether there are any dietary specifications linked to the usage of the drug.

A database with poisoning protocols is available for the nurses to assist you. The immediate and long-term needs are addressed and an ambulance will be dispatched if the patient is critical and in need of immediate medical care.

Health Counselling
The Personal Health Adviser can offer you a better understanding of various chronic ailments such as cancer, HIV/Aids, diabetes, asthma etc. and offer specific treatment to help the patient, and those around them, cope better with their circumstances.

Ailments covered include:

HIV/Aids and Cancer Read more
The registered nurses are amongst the leading counsellors in this field and can assist you in managing and living with the condition.

All the nurses are trained counsellors and can offer advice on coping skills or refer you to appropriate medical care clinics.

Stress Management
The Personal Health Adviser can assist stressed members on a daily basis offering counselling, advice and relaxation techniques. In cases where the nurse realises that there is a need for further assistance, the patient will be referred to a doctor for initial assessment and further treatment.

Teen Line
The nurses offer advice to teenagers and counsel them on physical, emotional and sexual questions and problems they may be experiencing. The caller is spoken to in his/ her home language and advice given includes:

  • Drug related questions
  • Coping with studies
  • Peer pressure
  • Living with HIV/ Aids

Abused or neglected children are also encouraged to phone the Teen line as the nurses are trained to address such issues in a sensitive manner. The nurses will help the abused child understand that the abuse is not their fault and that they can do something about their situation.

Following the assessment of symptoms and if the nurse concludes that there is some kind of abuse, they will:

  • Persistently guide the victim to act in their own best interests;
  • Encourage them to speak to their parents, teachers, church leader or other adult you trust;
  • Make them understand that abuse needs to be reported;
  • Refer them to the social welfare department.

This service is provided free of charge to all Fedhealth members.

Don’t wait, call at any time on 0860 333 432.

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