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Birth and Baby Benefit

The Fedhealth Birth and Baby Benefit combines three main benefits:

Fedhealth Baby Programme

What expectant parents can look forward to:

A SMART Fedhealth Baby Bag

Usually sent a month after registration and packed with quality products – including a wide variety of Pigeon baby care products, nappies, a pregnancy book and more. Everything in the baby bag was especially chosen to help parents take care of their little bundle of joy from tip to toe.
Vouchers and Discounts
Discounts and vouchers for the best baby brands including:

  • 40% off Living & Loving magazine
  • 10% off Preggi Bellies exercise classes
  • 15% off safety products for babies and toddlers from 4aKid
  • From 10 to 25% off Chelino strollers, camp cots and car seats
  • 25% off Baby Kaboosh sleeping bags
  • 25% off Babynastics DVD
  • 20% off Boobi Blankets
  • 25% off Lots 4 Tots baby play mats
  • 20% Baby Legends HUGSEEZ Baby Wrap Carrier
  • Free immunisation e-mail reminders from Tum2mom.

Read more about the Fedhealth Baby Programme.

Education and Support

Fedhealth Baby members receive on-going communication and education in the form of emails and e-letters (to mom and dad), health profiling for each trimester, monthly callouts for high-risk members, e-mail registration for chronic risk communications, access to our 24hour Medical Advice Line and funding for Doula assistance (labour support) during natural birth, together with a new birth card.

Baby Medical Advice Line

A dedicated 24hr medical advice line for any pregnancy concerns, pre or post birth.
And it’s FREE! Fedhealth Baby is committed to offering the very best maternity care available. Call 0861 116 016 or e-mail for more information and to apply now.

Post-natal midwifery benefit

We will pay for four consultations in and out-of-hospital per pregnancy at 100% of the Fedhealth Rate.

Doula for labour support during natural childbirth

We allow R1 200 for a doula per delivery.

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