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Unique benefits paid from Risk

Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge from hospital (physiotherapy, x-rays, pathology, etc) – i.e. follow-up treatment for a full 30- day period paid directly from Risk, to preserve your day-to-day benefit. Pre-authorisation must be obtained

Seven days of paid for take-home medication after discharge from hospital – provided the medication is dispensed by the hospital and reflects on the original hospital account.

Specialised radiology like MRI/ CT scans, pays from risk no matter what option you’re on whether they are performed in or out of hospital. A co-payment may apply on scans, depending on option. Does not apply to myFED

Trauma treatment at a casualty ward – whether admitted to hospital or not, emergency treatment, like stitches, is always paid from Risk and never from Savings. Co-payment applies depending on your option. Authorisation must be obtained

Cover for female contraception – including oral, patches, contraceptive rings, certain injectables as well as IUDs that include Mirena®, on all flexiFED and maxiFED options. On myFED, we cover oral contraception only subject to an approved list. *Must be prescribed by an FP or gynaecologist and not applicable to pills prescribed for acne

In-hospital dentistry for children under 7 – We cover the hospital and anaesthetist costs from the major medical benefit while the dentist account comes from day-to-day benefits. Does not apply to flexiFED 1 and myFED

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