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Salary-banded cover for the previously uncovered

Blue Door Plus

From only R844pm, Blue Door Plus, our entry-level, salary-banded option only available to previously uncovered lower-income employees, offers:

    • Unlimited private hospitalisation at Network hospitals
    • Unlimited FP consultations at Blue Door Plus contracted FPs
    • Unlimited prescribed medication
    • AND cover for basic dentistry and optometry!
    • Chronic medicine cover for 25 Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) chronic conditions from the Scheme’s designated service providers, Medi-Rite pharmacies and Pharmacy Direct.
    • Cover for non-Fedhealth contracted healthcare professionals up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate
    • An innovative screening benefit (part of the foundation benefit) that covers wellness and preventative screenings.
    • Certain female oral and injectible contraceptives covered.
    • Free flu vaccinations for the whole family!
    • From January 2018 qualifying members benefit from a 12-week biokineticist led programme with access to a dietician and behavioural psychologist to help them lose the weight for good.
    • From January 2018 all smokers can have their GoSmokeFree consultation paid from risk (once per beneficiary per year). Nicotine replacement therapy will be paid from savings on options with a savings benefit

Download the Blue Door Plus member guide here

Blue Door Monthly Contributions

Income per month Principal member Adult dependant Child dependant
< R5 564 R844 R714 R401
R5 565 – R9 095 R1 070 R901 R516
R9 096 – R11 235 R1 500 R1 269 R568
R11 236 – R12 840 R1 907 R1 524 R736
> R12 841 R2 585 R2 284 R973

*Child dependant rate charged up to 27 years of age for financially dependent children


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