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Generous day-to-day care plus cover at network hospitals

You’re at a life-stage where you’re responsible not just for your own health, but for your family too – so you want your medical expenses well taken care of. From only R2,316pm, Maxima StandardElect is an affordable medical aid option that’s perfect for a young and healthy family. With a generous amount of day to day medical aid cover (from R5,004 for a single member per year), improved hospital and screening benefits, and increased cover for chronic conditions – you get comprehensive care along with great benefits.


Your cover:

  • Unlimited cover at any hospital on the network
  • Female contraceptives covered: oral, contraceptive rings, patch and IUDs including Mirena®
  • Post-hospitalisation treatment for up to 30 days after discharge
  • 7 days of take-home medication
  • Specialised radiology like MRI and CT Scans (covered from Risk after the first R1900)
  • Trauma treatment at a casualty ward whether admitted to hospital or not (A R500 co-payment per visit for non-PMBs will apply if you are not admitted to hospital straight from casualty)
  • Contracted fixed rates at Fedhealth Network Specialists – while under the care of a network specialist in hospital, your treatment will be covered in full
  • AND Unlimited FP visits at Fedhealth Network FPs  – paid for by the Scheme and never from your savings!


39 Chronic ConditionsDay-to-Day CoverFemale ContraceptionHospital
Network HospitalsNetwork Partner ProvidersScreening & PreventionThreshold Benefit

You also get these  unique bonus benefits :

  • Chronic medicine cover for 39 chronic conditions
  • Use of non-Fedhealth contracted health professionals is covered up to 100% of the Fedhealth rate
  • Day to day medical aid cover with a Threshold Benefit for essential expenses such as dentistry, prescribed medication and specialist consultations
  • The Fedhealth Baby Programme – including great giveaways, discounts and education, as well as the support of a Doula during labour
  • Fedhealth’s innovative screening benefit(part of the new foundation benefit) covering specific women’s, children’s and cardiac health, as well as wellness and preventative screenings.
  • Free flu vaccinations for the whole family!

If you’re looking for an affordable medical aid with great day-to-day medical savings and cover at network hospitals, get a quote today.

Download the Maxima StandardElect  member guide here

Maxima Standard Monthly Contributions

Maxima StandardMaxima StandardElect
Principal memberR3 032R2 316
Adult dependantR2 583R1 974
Child dependantR907R694

Annual day-to-day available

Maxima StandardMaxima StandardElect
Principal memberR6 552R5 004
Adult dependantR5 580R4 260
Child dependantR1 956R1 500

Annual day-to-day available by family size

Maxima StandardMaxima StandardElect
M + ADR12 132R9 264
M + AD + CDR14 088R10 764
M + AD + 2CDR16 044R12 264

*Child dependant rate charged up to 27 years of age for financially dependent children

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