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The ultimate in comprehensive cover for older members


From only R10,306pm, Ultimax is a comprehensive option for older people who need maximum cover. The option includes unlimited private hospital cover at three times the medical aid rate; no prescribed hospital lists and a generous amount of day-to-day cover (from R9 132 for a single member per year); generous chronic medicine limits at a pharmacy of your choice, Fedhealth’s host of Unique Benefits like MRI and CT scans paid from risk whether you are hospitalised or not, the trauma counselling benefit and post-hospitalisation treatment paid from risk for 30 days after discharge from hospital.


65 Chronic ConditionsDay-to-Day CoverFemale ContraceptionHospital
Network Partner ProvidersScreening & PreventionSpecialised MedicationThreshold Benefit

Ultimax also provides:

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation at a hospital of your choice
  • While under the care of a specialist in hospital, your treatment will always be covered in full providing you use one of Fedhealth’s Specialist Partners
  • Unlimited cover for cancer, kidney failure and organ transplants
  • Cover for biological specialised medication for the treatment of chronic conditions
  • Cover for 65 chronic conditions at a service provider of your choice
  • The Screening Benefit includes free flu vaccinations for the whole family
  • Unlimited Network FP visits for the whole family
  • Comprehensive day-to-day cover with a Threshold benefit for essential expenses such as dentistry, prescribed medication and specialist consultations.


Ultimax Monthly Contributions

Principal member R10 306
Adult dependant R8 761
Child dependant R3 150


Annual day-to-day available by family size

Member R9 132
M + AD R16 132
M + AD + CD R18 100
M + AD + 2CD R20 068

*Child dependant rate charged up to 27 years of age for financially dependent children

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