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If your healthcare professional or the hospital claims on your behalf:

Usually, your healthcare professional will send your medical aid claim to us on your behalf, so you don’t need to claim as well. If your healthcare professional tells you that they haven’t been paid, you can check your claims status on www.fedhealth.co.za or contact us on 0860 002 153.

If you need a refund because you paid the medical expense upfront:

If your healthcare professional doesn’t claim on your behalf, or if you’ve already paid, you must send us the following:

  1. Proof of payment.
  2. The medical aid claim (the account). Make sure the account shows your membership number, the practice number, the ICD10 and procedure codes.

If we approve the claim, we’ll refund you directly into your bank account. For this reason, always make sure that we have your correct bank details. To update them, call us on 0860 002 153 or email fedhealth@medscheme.co.za.

Note: You must submit your medical aid claim within four months of the date of treatment

We’ll only consider claims that we receive within four months of the treatment date. We’ll process claims that we receive after four months only to show on tax certificates.

Sending your claims

You can email, fax or post the claims to us:

Email: claims@fedhealth.co.za

Fax number: (011) 671 3842

Postal address:

Private Bag X3045