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Mental health support at your fingertips with the Panda app

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Mental health support at your fingertips with the Panda app Download Brochure

Want professional advice on managing your mental health but not sure who to turn to, or where to start? By partnering with the pioneering Panda app, more Fedhealth members can now get the support they need – quickly, conveniently, and confidentially.


Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions for years without getting treatment, but that doesn’t need to be you. Panda is an app that gives you access to the support and resources you need for a healthy mind. Through the Fedhealth Member app, your mental health benefits now include free access to all the Panda app has to offer:


  • Access educational material based on cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology principles, as well as support groups and virtual consultations.
  • Virtually visit the Bamboo Forest, where you can engage with peers who are going through the same issues as you in a safe, anonymous, audio-only environment.
  • Watch videos and learn activities that will give you healthier ways to manage stress.
  • Complete screening assessments to provide insights into your current mental health status.
  • Connect with a mental health expert and make appointments, pay, and have your consultation directly through the app. 


How do I get started?


  • Open the Fedhealth Member app, open Panda and follow the prompts to download the Panda app (available on iOS, Huawei and Android).
  • Agree to the Panda app’s terms and conditions.
  • Once you’ve downloaded the Panda app and accepted the terms, access Panda through the Fedhealth Member app whenever you login.


Important to know:


  • As part of our mental health benefits, Fedhealth members get FREE access to the Panda Bamboo Forest as well as videos, exercises, training, reading materials and live virtual group sessions.
  • Any virtual consultations are subject to the scheme’s standard medical aid benefits.
  • The Stress and Anxiety benefit is exclusive to flexiFED 1 members, who can use the Panda app to access the following consultations through a virtual platform:
    • Two individual consultations per year with a registered counsellor
    • These sessions will be paid from Fedhealth’s risk benefits, provided that the correct ICD 10 codes and tariff codes are submitted with your claim


We hope that including the Panda app into our medical aid benefits will make managing your own mental health easier, empowering you to live a happier, healthier life.