The NHI Bill becomes law – what are the implications?

The NHI Bill becomes law – what are the implications?

30 May 2024

As we have previously communicated, Fedhealth does not believe that the NHI Bill is feasible or workable in its current proposed format, and will therefore not achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

At this time, we would like to emphasise again that, as a medical scheme, Fedhealth is fully committed to a more equitable health system and UHC. We do however believe there is a better and faster way to achieve this, one which includes preserving and building upon South Africa’s excellent healthcare assets which include health professionals, facilities, skills, infrastructure and more.

While there will be many steps required before the Bill is implemented, the vehement opposition to the Bill from many different stakeholder groups and individuals alike, is further proof of the concerns regarding its impact on the quality of care, the sustainability of the health system and the rights of patients.

But there is hope. We want to reassure our members that we have anticipated this development and are prepared for what lies ahead. We are collaborating with various industry bodies to keep pursuing all the avenues – legal and otherwise – available to us to protect our members’ best healthcare interests.

No change to your Fedhealth membership!
It is perfectly understandable that you might have concerns about how this new law will impact your medical scheme membership. But we’d like to put your mind at ease: Your Fedhealth membership remains unchanged, and we are committed to maintaining your access to affordable, quality health services as usual. We are here for you.
We will keep you updated on further NHI developments and thank you for your ongoing trust and support.

Listen to our Principal Officer discuss the NHI Bill
Fedhealth’s Principal Officer, Jeremy Yatt, was interviewed on SAFM about the NHI and how it will affect members’ medical aid membership. Listen to the interview here: