You know you’re here for big things, right? True, Covid-19 has given us lemons, no doubt. So, where do you find the sugar?

The answer is more apparent than you may think. It’s you. You are a definite ingredient. You are the sugar.

A crisis often triggers the desire to follow new paths, to make changes and to expand knowledge and self-awareness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to change your life in such a way that you can have, do, or be whatever it is that you want?

Personal growth is a choice, and it means the difference between an abundant, prosperous, happy life, or a life of poverty and misery. In short, it’s about investing in yourself so that you can effectively manage the curveballs you’re presented with. It focuses on developing yourself to grow more, become more, and ultimately, have more.

Yet sometimes we make self-growth this distant and unattainable thing when often all we need is to make confident choices intentionally. Life doesn’t just happen. Successful growth requires the desire to improve and the willingness to make changes to be on autopilot. A wise man once said: “We either live with intention or exist by default”. 

So, as from today, choose to:

  • Be grateful for the good things already evident in your life. Focus on what you already have in your life, not on what you haven’t.
  • Be more positive. Savour the many small things in life, the sun on your back, your morning cuppa.
  • Take care of your body. If your physical energy is not in good shape, then your mental energy (your focus), your emotional energy (your feelings), and your spiritual energy (your purpose) will be negatively affected.
  • Go easy on yourself. Get rid of critical thoughts and recognise your worth. Never let someone else’s opinion of you become part of your reality.
  • To forgive. Don’t dwell on anger and hurt. Holding a grudge will affect you negatively mentally, as well as physically.
  • Have beautiful people in your life. Surround yourself with people that see the world in a new way. People with kindness, compassion, bravery, and drive.
  • Be kind. In life, you get what you give.
  • Dream big. Brainstorm your goals. What do you want to accomplish before you’re 30, 55,70?
  • Accept what you can’t change. Instead, focus on how you react to the inevitable.

Just imagine for a moment how the ripple effect of mass, post-traumatic growth could inspire a more peaceful world!

While it’s important to do what we can to maintain our mental and physical health during this time, we can do better than maintain. We can use this time and these challenging circumstances to grow as individuals.

You can allow circumstances to define you, destroy you, or strengthen you. 

It’s your choice.


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