What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural births and C-sections?

According to Parent24, "A C-section is major abdominal surgery with a longer recovery period. Moving around is a mission and some women can't really care for their babies because they're bed ridden - but that's why you get a 4 day stay in hospital afterwards." They continue, "With natural birth you're up on your feet almost immediately and post-birth recovery is a breeze. There's always the option of an epidural for pain relief if it all gets too much for mom to handle."

C-sections have become far more common than before, no longer only saved for emergencies. So how do you choose the best childbirth option for you and your baby? We discuss all this and more with childbirth educator and board member of the International Childbirth Education Association, Deryse van Aardt. Brought to you by Fedhealth.


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