Young children are accessing the internet at an alarming speed. Although digital content can help children learn and socialise, it's up to parents to keep their children safe and healthy in the digital age. 

According to DigitalTech, "Excessive use of digital devices has been tied to negative effects on concentration in kids, as well as their emotional health, sleep, and even empathy. There are ways that parents can overcome these issues to ensure their children's digital well-being." The key is for parents to provide flexibility on what is appropriate for their children.

We all want to protect and shelter our children from the dangers of the internet. But this intricate space can have so many benefits, too – so how do we navigate this? South Africa’s leading expert in social media law Emma Sadleir advises us on how to better equip ourselves and our children in this podcast, brought to you by Baby Brunch I The Parenting Series and Fedhealth.


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