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Because family always gives you a little extra…

All Fedhealth members enjoy automatic membership to Sanlam Reality on the Reality Access membership option.

With Sanlam Reality Access, ALL Fedhealth members get R3 000 accident cover for a pet through PetSure, R5 million international travel insurance through TIC, and funeral cover for a spouse and a maximum of five children up to the value of R5 000.

Regardless of your option, all Fedhealth members will automatically enjoy the peace of mind that furry family members are taken care of in case of an accident. And, when travelling overseas, as a Fedhealth member you can rest assured that you are covered too – FREE of charge thanks to the Sanlam Reality Access loyalty programme! Finally, free funeral cover provides financial assistance for Fedhealth members should someone in their immediate family pass away.

Just another way in which our family takes care of yours!

Click here to read the Sanlam Reality Access policy.