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Increase holiday about to end? Join Fedhealth for year-round medical aid affordability.

Is it just us or is every price imaginable being hiked – from fuel and electricity, to daily living expenses, school fees and transport costs? It’s crazy, really!

Maybe you caught a bit of a breather when your current medical aid announced an increase holiday towards the end of last year, but with that coming to an end soon, you will now have to find the money somewhere to foot that bill too…

Luckily, you do have a say in the matter. You can tell your medical aid to “take a hike” and switch to Fedhealth, which lets you create and control your own medical aid affordability – all year long.

Here’s how:

  • Fedhealth’s Elect option variant helps you save 25% every month with a co-payment on planned hospital admissions only. This co-payment does not apply to emergencies.
  • With Fedhealth’s GRID variant, you can save 11% every month by using over 120 world-class private network hospitals. In case of emergencies, you will still be taken to the nearest private hospital for stabilising treatment.
  • On Fedhealth, you pay for the option you need right now, since you can upgrade any time of the year when a life-changing event happens, like pregnancy or serious illness.
  • Only Fedhealth gives you 3 ways to structure and pay for your day-to-day benefits, so you make your own price according to your budget.

It’s a no-brainer really, to take control over rising medical aid costs,
join Fedhealth!