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Introducing the New Fedhealth Family Room

PostedNovember 20, 2017

We live in an increasingly digital world. Everything happens online, at the click of a mouse or swipe of a screen.

With this in mind, Fedhealth is staying ahead of the times and rewarding our members for their loyalty with tangible, personalised and relevant content and rewards to add meaningful value to their lives. We are extremely excited to introduce our brand new online member community platform, called the Fedhealth Family Room!

What is the Fedhealth Family Room?

From January 2018, the Fedhealth Family Room will become the online hub of our members’ relationship with Fedhealth, giving them access to a host of membership management tools, news, articles and exclusive value-added programmes and discounts, that are personalised based on their individual profiles. The Fedhealth Family Room is all about proving to our members that we know and understand them as individuals.

 What will the Fedhealth Family Room offer Fedhealth members?

Here are just four of the highlights Fedhealth members can look forward to:

An easy way to manage and update their Fedhealth membership, like submitting              and tracking claims and booking appointments with healthcare providers.

Personalised communities based on interests, life stages and lifestyle. Based on a member’s unique profile, we’ll personalise their interaction in the Family Room to    running, mountain biking, pregnancy, nutrition… or whatever other topic appeals             directly to them.

Discounted retail offers based on their interests and preferences, like discounts on nappies for new parents.

Free entry into certain sporting events, e.g. the Fedhealth MTB Challenge or other events.

Important: This is not a rewards programme, so members won’t need to sign up for it.

With our new Fedhealth Family Room, we are showing members that we care enough to know them and speak their language. It’s simple, relevant and adds value that brings a new dynamic to the bond between member and Scheme.