There are two kinds of people; there’s the toe-dippers and then there’s those who jump right in.

Toe-dippers stand at the edge of the water only poking the tips of their toes in. “No way – it’s too cold, maybe it’ll be more comfortable next time!” (Maybe you recognise this person?)

And then, of course, there’s those who jump right in - boots and all, into the freezing water with a shout that it’s COLD! But they swim and laugh – and they look at the toe-dippers and don’t quite get why they choose to miss out.

True, there’s a little bit of both in all of us, but most people are afraid to take even the slightest chance. Thing is, we don’t start out like this. We spend our childhoods hearing “You should give it a try!” as our parents rush to sign us up for extracurricular activities. Then we graduate into the “real world” and new experiences grind to a halt as we “settle” into comfortable routines.

Yup, we spend most of our days doing things we’ve done a thousand times before. We wake up at the same time, eat similar things for breakfast, arrive at work the same time, and watch the same shows at night …yada, yada, yada. And hey, in our defence, routine is good right?  It keeps us focused and helps to create a stable daily life … but it can also become too predictable and make you miss out on fabulous experiences.

Staying inside your comfort zone may be “comfortable” but to quote Richard Branson: “The magic doesn’t happen here. I can honestly say that nothing good in my life has ever happened from the safety of my comfort zone.”

What is so great about trying something new? The benefits of trying new things are manifold. Staring something new and scary in the eyeballs and then crushing it requires courage, for sure, but doing it in spite of fear will teach you to overcome those iffy feelings next time you face a challenge. You’ll get to know yourself better and realize that the worst outcome is rarely the true outcome.

It will teach you that you are capable of more. There’s nothing more satisfying than a sense of achievement. Setting yourself a goal, then achieving it …amazing! Time will become more memorable; you’ll benefit from new and special memories that will last a lifetime. Trying new things will also increase your creativity and thinking skills as your brain try to find new ways to succeed. As your body and brain awaken, you’ll flourish intellectually, emotionally and physically.

So, if today was just another day, unremarkable and quite average, change it. Start with something small and less intimidating. Take your exercise routine for example … when was the last time you got off the sedentary bike and hit the pavement? Or, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers, try to say hello to one new person today.

So much happens just outside of your comfort zone. Go there.

Instead of assuming you’ll never be a “handstand person” just try going upside down.


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