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Emergency Treatment

In any medical emergency, it’s very important that you get the proper care within the shortest possible time. The care that you get immediately following the emergency followed by the care you get in hospital has a huge impact on your recovery. If you don’t get proper treatment, you can worsen your injuries, and even cause permanent damage and/or disability.

Emergency treatment

As a Fedhealth member, you’ll get the following emergency benefits as part of your medical aid:

  • 24-hour medical advice and evacuation: This is provided by Europ Assistance, and includes the co-ordination and management of emergency transport.
  • Medical advice: Qualified nurses will give telephonic advice in any emergency situation. This means that you will have information that may save a life while the medical team is on its way to the scene of the incident.
  • Emergency Road or Air Response: We’ll dispatch emergency vehicles or any other appropriate means of transport immediately, giving you even quicker medical help. These vehicles and aircraft are manned by professional health care personnel and are equipped with the most appropriate equipment needed for medical emergency treatment.
  • Most Appropriate Facility and Ambulance Transfers: Initially you’ll be transferred to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility for treatment. Unless air transport is essential for survival,  transfers to medical facilities will be by road ambulance. When you are well enough to transfer to a medical care facility closer to home, this will be arranged.
  • Delivery of medication/blood: In an emergency, if medicines to treat your or your family are not  available locally, Care Assist will arrange for medicine or blood products to be delivered to the medical facility where you are being treated.
  • Patient Monitoring:  Europ Assistance will monitor your condition constantly until you’ve been moved safely to a medical facility.
  • Care for Stranded Minors or Frail Companions: Should minors or frail companions be left stranded due to a medical emergency situation, Europ Assistance will arrange for a companion to accompany them to a place of safety.

Trauma Procedures

Fedhealth is one of the only schemes that pay for trauma procedures from the Major Medical Benefit. We’ll pay for your claim from risk if you visit the trauma unit of a clinic or hospital for emergency treatment such as suturing. We’ll also cover the costs if you visit the trauma unit of a clinic or hospital with a life threatening condition and are admitted immediately for further treatment.

Want to know more? Download our information pack on Fedhealth’s emergency treatment in a casualty ward.

Please note this benefit is not available on the Blue Door Plus Option

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