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Fedhealth Provider Networks

Making your money go even further!

We’re proud of our partnership model, featuring four networks that cover all your bases: pharmacies, family practitioners, specialists and hospitals. But to get the best out of your benefits, it’s vital that you understand how to make proper use of each network.

The medicine chest

With 1 700 pharmacies currently belonging to our network (including all major retailers like Dis-Chem and Clicks), this means that 89% of our members have access to a Network Pharmacy within a 10km radius of where they live. Most importantly, use of our Pharmacy Partners ensures no co-payments on dispensing fees, so you save each time you hand in a prescription!

Locating a participating pharmacy is easy. Visit our Member Tools page and click on the Find a Doctor page.

What’s up Doc?

4 700 doctors currently belong to our network, meaning that 96% of our members have access to a Network Doctor within a 10km radius of where they live. Read how funds are allocated by downloading the full benefits document or find an FP near you.

Specialist care

With over 3 700 specialists from all disciplines signed up to our network, this means that you’re guaranteed easy access to a specialist in your area. Using our Specialist Partners ensures that you don’t need to pay any co-payments in-hospital and you get a fixed-rate for out-of-hospital consultations.

Find a specialist near you or read more details about the allocations of funds on various plans.

Time in hospital

Fedhealth also has a growing number of network hospitals to complete our circle of care. On certain plans, use of our Hospital Partners ensures that you pay lower monthly contributions. But what it also means is that use of a network hospital for you is compulsory. Find out more about this.

All of our Fedhealth networks were established with you in mind: to keep contribution increases low, while still giving you access to the best available REAL care. They were also created to ensure sustainability of the Scheme and to facilitate the support of the contracted practitioners. Use of the networks means we ALL benefit. But for you as a member, it means you save money. And you can’t say fairer than that.

Contact numbers

Please call 0860 002 153 for all general enquiries and customer care assistance, including benefit and limit confirmation, document requests, hospital authorisations, chronic medication enquiries and oncology-related authorisations.

Disease Management 0860 101 306
Europ Assistance 0860 333 432
MVA Third Party Recovery Department 012 431 9746/86
Fedhealth Baby 0861 116 016

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