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Screening Benefit

Our screening benefit was created to stretch day-to-day benefits by paying even more from Risk, as well as protect you at every life stage. Even on our hospital plans and Saver options, the Scheme pays for screenings for women’s, children’s, cardiac, as well as general health (like an annual flu vaccine). And on the most comprehensive options, the benefit even includes screening and preventative programmes for older members.

Here’s what the benefit covers:

Women’s Health

We cover mammograms (breast cancer screening) for those aged 50-74, giving you one mammogram every three years. We also cover pap smears (for cervical cancer screening) for those aged 21- 65 years – with a limit of one pap smear every three years. Blue Door Plus members do not receive this Screening Benefit.

* Please note that liquid based cytology will be reimbursed up to the rate for a standard pap smear.

Children’s Health

For beneficiaries up to 12 years old, every aspect of child-immunisation is now paid from Risk, resulting in a considerable amount of day-to-day savings. This applies to ALL options (with the exception of Blue Door Plus, which does not offer the Screening Benefit).

Download the PDF to read which immunisations are covered.

Cardiac Health

For beneficiaries aged 20 and older, Fedhealth now pays for a full lipogram conducted by a pathology lab. This is not a pharmacy-based screening involving a simple finger prick test, but a comprehensive lipogram offered to members by pathology professionals. Cholesterol screening is offered on all options (excluding Blue Door Plus) – with a limit of one lipogram every five years.

Senior Health

Pneumococcal Immunisation
For beneficiaries aged 65 and older, this benefit covers the cost of one Pneumococcal Immunisation per lifetime. The benefit applies to Ultimax, Maxima Plus, Maxima Exec and Maxima Advanced only.

Bone Densitometry
For female beneficiaries aged 65 and older, the Scheme now pays for one Bone Densitometry screening per lifetime on Ultimax, Maxima Plus, Maxima Exec and Maxima Advanced only.

Colorectal Cancer Screening – Faecal Occult Blood Test
For all beneficiaries aged 50-75, Colorectal Cancer Screening is now also covered by the Scheme once every two years on Ultimax, Maxima Plus, Maxima Exec and Maxima Advanced only.

General Health

Flu Vaccinations: For all beneficiaries on all options, the Scheme now pays for an annual flu vaccine from Risk.

Consultations (FPs in Network): Even though the very nature of a hospital plan is that it offers no day-to-day benefits – the Scheme goes one step further by allowing those on hospital plans Maxima Core and Maxima EntryZone one FREE FP Consultation for each family member per year.

You don’t need any pre-authorisation on the screening benefit either, so you can get it done and claim back from us later. We think our screening benefit is streets ahead of the pharmacy-based wellness programmes offered by most other schemes. It’s been created with YOU in mind – and if you make proper use of it, the benefits and savings are endless.

To read more on this screening benefit, download the full document.

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