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SOS Call Me from Europ Assistance

In times of emergency, it’s only human to panic and not think straight, which could make it difficult for Fedhealth members to get in touch with the Europ Assistance Contact Centre when it’s critical. A lack of airtime could also prevent members from getting in touch with us.

To resolve this, Europ Assistance has implemented the SOS Call Me service – a user-friendly call back service that means we will call members back when they need us at no cost to them. All Fedhealth members and their dependants can use this free service.

Members can select three options on the service:

1. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

2. Nurse Line

3. MediTaxi

How to use the SOS Call Me service:

1. Members should save the number *130*3272*31# for EMS, Nurse Line and Medical Taxi as a contact on their phone (under Europ Assistance or a name they will remember for emergencies);

2. In an emergency, members must choose this number and select the service (EMS, Nurse Line or MediTaxi). An SMS will be sent to the Europ Assistance Emergency Contact Centre who’ll phone the member back within the agreed emergency timelines for each service: EMS – 120 seconds; Nurse Line – 2 hours; and MediTaxi – 2 hours before pick-up.

What makes this service so useful, is the fact that it’s easy to use, members can get assistance at the press of a button, it’s accessible on any mobile device, it means peace of mind and convenience, and it’s available 24/7 365 days a year.

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