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The Fedhealth Trauma Management Programme

Let your Fedhealth family look after you in times of trauma

Our Trauma Management Programme (TMP) is designed to give you FREE trauma management assistance, support and quality care when you need it most.

Features of the Trauma Management Programme

The programme is designed and managed by Independent Counselling and Advisory Services (ICAS), and helps you and/or your family normalise and process a traumatic experience in the following ways:

1) Trauma defusing services:

These help you manage the immediate practical aspects of recovery by:

  • Helping ensure your physical safety and comfort
  • Assisting in establishing a sense of security
  • Coordinating emergency services where relevant
  • Providing physical necessities
  • Mobilising a support structure appropriate to you

2) Psychological first aid services:

These help reduce initial distress and manage any emotional reactions within the first 12 hours following a traumatic incident:

  • Containment of emotion such as fear, anger, shock and numbness
  • “Normalisation” of the trauma response, including helping prevent reactions such as negative self-judgement
  • Education about post-trauma stress reactions in terms of common reactions and and coping strategies
  • Reassuring you that the stress is controllable and that recovery is possible

3) Follow-up trauma counselling.

These services help you deal with any uncomfortable and painful feelings that may surface 48 to 72 hours after the traumatic incident:

  •  Intervention to assist in recovery
  • Short-term cognitive behavioural counselling for high-risk individuals showing signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress

Accessing the programme

As a Fedhealth member, contact the TMP Programme on a 24-hour multilingual toll-free National Call Centre number: 0800 212 695, where registered psychologist and social worker operators are waiting to help you, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

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