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Need to find a doctor or specialist? No matter what plan you’re on, you’ll save by using our network of Partner Pharmacies, FPs and Partner Specialists. Using our partner specialists also means that you won’t be liable for any co-payments while you’re in hospital.

Will Fedhealth cover my Doctors visits?

If you are on a comprehensive option with day-to-day benefits (Maxima Basis, Maxima StandardElect, Maxima Standard, Maxima Exec and Maxima Plus), Fedhealth will pay directly for all FP visits once your Out-of-Hospital Expenses Benefit has been used – provided the FP is in the Fedhealth FP Network.

If you are using Maxima Saver, Saver GRID, Maxima Basis, Maxima Basis GRID or Maxima EntrySaver we’ll cover unlimited FP consultations from risk, once your Savings Account has been depleted, provided you use a nominated FP in the Fedhealth FP network.

No matter which plan you are on, we’ll refund FPs directly without delay.

Are you a Blue Door Plus member? To find a doctor or specialist on the Blue Door Plus FP network, please contact the Fedhealth Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153

Will Fedhealth help me with the cost of my medicine?

By using a Fedhealth Pharmacy Partner, you won’t have to make co-payments in terms of dispensing fees, so the medicines you need are more affordable. Note that this does not affect Fedhealth’s DSP arrangements in any way.