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New Mommy Myths

PostedMay 9, 2017

Congratulations… you’re pregnant! Okay, so hands up new mamas (or mamas to be) if you’ve heard a few words of “wisdom” from a friend, or let’s say, your mother in-law? Mmm… thought so!

New moms often have the idea that being a mom to a newborn is something other than what it really is. Yes, there will be a lot of crying, sleepless nights etc., BUT it turns out that motherhood is steeped in mythology. You may feel both bewildered and amazed! Truth is, opinions often get in the way of an easier adjustment.

So, it’s time to debunk some of the tallest tales in the pregnancy universe!

Here are 6 of the most exaggerated new mommy myths you’re likely to hear:

  • A good mom will love her baby at first sight. Could happen, could not. This is one you might have to wait on. You might imagine an instant connection towards this little being you’ve been waiting so long to meet. When that doesn’t happen, new mamas often panic and assume that something is wrong with them – or even worse – that they’re a bad mother for it. Not true! It is odd that in most of our relationships, we accept that it takes time to form a strong bond, but mothers are expected to have instant unconditional love. Accept that it may take you and your baby a while to get to know and love each other. All of these emotions are quite common and normal.
  • A new mom can spoil her baby in the first few months. Wrong! Babies communicate through crying. Doing a “cry out” should never be tried during this critical time in a newborn’s development. They need you when they need you, and it’s your most important job to be there for them when they do. There’s no amount of affection or attention that will spoil a newborn and make your life hell for the rest of your life – don’t believe whoever is telling you something different.
  • Breastfeeding comes naturally. This is probably the biggest myth of all. Yes, breastfeeding is natural and many a new mom assumes that it will be easy, but the reality is it can be very hard; nipple cracking and mastitis can be common and painful. Seek breastfeeding assistance and education through prenatal and breastfeeding classes, often offered at hospitals.
  • Your maternity leave is like a vacation. Do you wake up every two to three hours to feed a very small person on your vacations? Enough said!
  • You won’t be able to leave the house for months. True, leaving the house with a newborn could take a bit of organising, but as long as you dress baby appropriately for the weather, fresh air could be good for both of you. If you have a stroller that encourages reclining, baby can be fed and changed on the go.
  • Your sex life is over ’till the kid goes to school. Come on, you don’t believe this, do you? New moms and dads miraculously do have sex. It might take a while for everything to feel normal again, but babies do nap a lot…

Parenting is pretty much like joining some secret club that nobody is able to fully explain to you until you’re in it.

So, trust your instincts new mamas and remember to be kind to yourself; you’re going to be great!







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