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XTERRA Race Must Haves

PostedFebruary 8, 2018

Gym Bag Needs

Fedhealth XTERRA Ambassador, Natia van Heerden, gives some sound advice on what to pack for race day:

“The race village at the Grabouw Country Club is well worth the visit. Hot showers are available after the race, and you can sip on an ice-cold beer whilst waiting for the prize giving. Be sure to bring some cash as there are some awesome food stalls to curb the post race hunger. Better yet, pack a healthy picnic box if you are bringing the family and soak up the relaxing afternoon.”

Post-Race Bag

I recommend slops as your feet might be sore after the race

Dry set of clothing






Cash, for a well deserved beer!


Goggles x 2 (test your spare pair too!)

Swim cap


Wetsuit: I know it is the middle of summer, but trust me, take it with to transition as the weather might change and the walk back to the car is very long!

Baby oil: I put a little oil around my wrists and ankles; it minimalises that very frustrating penguin dance when you are trying to take your wetsuit off.


Tri-suit or any suit you feel comfortable racing in


Black tape, for strapping your energy bars/ nutrition/ GU onto your top tube

Bike, check your bike the day before the race

Small bottle, to sip water before the race

Gels of choice

Energy bars of choice

Energy drink of choice

Bottles x 2

Camelback if needed

Cycling shoes


Race belt


Spare tube, bomb, bomb adapter and tire leavers


Baby powder: I put a bit in my shoes (or socks if you are wearing) to make it easier to get your wet feet in





Cap or peak


Watch charger

Two-point plug

Phone charger



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