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Living Fedhealthy

The Ebola Outbreak: What you need to know


The current epidemic of Ebola virus disease is being called the most severe outbreak since the virus was discovered in 1976. Since this Ebola outbreak began in Guinea in early 2014, the number of cases has surpassed anything ever experienced before.

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Extreme Stress


Does extreme demands and stress cause you to lash out at innocent bystanders or loved ones? Just how much stress is too much? We are all different. Some people are able to roll with the punches, while others seem to crumble in the face of far smaller obstacles. What about the really hard stuff – the realization of fears we rarely dare to voice. When a scan comes back with bad news or a loved one suffers a devastating accident… How does one cope with the kind of trauma that levels life in an instant?

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Grinding your teeth?


Do you often wake up with a dull headache or a sore jaw? Do you sometimes find yourself clenching your teeth? Until you experience pain or have a dental check-up you may not realize that you have a condition called “bruxism”, a habit of grinding or clenching the teeth.

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What is Cholesterol? This is What You Need To Know.


We’re all guilty of it. We’re stressed and constantly in a rush so we eat the wrong things, don’t make enough time for exercise and alleviate stress with cigarettes and alcohol. It’s because of this that an estimated 34% of South Africans are at risk for disease due to raised cholesterol levels.

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Reduce your risk of Cervical Cancer


Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women worldwide, after breast cancer. Approximately 6000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. Between 3000 and 3500 of these women will die annually, even after treatment.

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Declutter your life


For many people, this time of year is all about spring cleaning your life and embracing change. As you prepare yourself for the coming warmer months, we’ve got just the advice you need to get your home and health in tip-top shape.

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Matric Survival Guide… For Moms


You are stressed, panicked and filled with anxiety about the matric exams, and you’re not even writing them… your child is! Are you one of more than half a million moms in South Africa dreading prelims and shortly after that, finals? The exams you have been waiting over a decade for arrived too soon!

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Dealing with PMS


Is “that time of the month” turning you into “wife-zilla”? You know it is coming; it happens every month without fail. Your PERIOD! Period of what? It could be crying, fits of anger, yelling or the all too familiar, chocolate obsession. It is the time when you think and speak without the edit button that you so carefully employ the rest of the month!

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The Symptoms of Hay Fever & Home Remedies


The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and everyone is feeling more positive about life because the seasons are changing. Except you. Your nose is running, your eyes are itchy and you never stop sneezing. You’ve got hay fever and you can’t seem to get rid of it.

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