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The Symptoms of Hay Fever & Home Remedies


The weather is warmer, the flowers are blooming and everyone is feeling more positive about life because the seasons are changing. Except you. Your nose is running, your eyes are itchy and you never stop sneezing. You’ve got hay fever and you can’t seem to get rid of it.

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Organ Donation, How to save a life


Due to the critical shortage of donors, thousands of South Africans await organ and tissue transplants. As with organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys, the demand for bone, tendons, skin, corneas and heart valves far outweighs the supply. Your decision to be a donor allows something positive to be gained from loss.

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End the Juggle Struggle


Forbes reports nearly 71% of women who work today have children under the age of 18. Super woman is a juggler living in suburbia! The balancing act of a job combined with managing a family can potentially become a circus act.

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Cellulite – Tell it like it is


Yikes! All of a sudden you notice that your thighs are bumpy… at thirty! Cellulite does not discriminate. It can show up on girls in their teens – or younger. That’s because despite what you’ve heard about cellulite being some mysterious condition linked to “trapped toxins” or poor circulation, cellulite is simply old fashioned fat.

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What Causes Stretch Marks?


Find out what causes stretch marks and if it's possible to get rid of them through surgery or over-the-counter creams.

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Win One Of 5 Vouchers – Closing Date – 29 August 2014

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Win a Swatch – Closing date – Friday 29 August 2014

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The Importance of Sleep for a Healthy Lifestyle


Why is sleep so important when it comes to our health, how much do we really need and how do we improve our sleep environment?

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Breastfeeding vs Formula


Every woman’s journey to motherhood is different and comparing breast vs bottle for your baby is one of the first decisions new parents will make. This is a very personal choice, but there are some points you may want to consider as you decide which is best for you and your baby.

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Fedhealth Man

Fedhealth Man Checklist

A handy checklist of medical check-ups you need to discuss with your GP. Have them done, it could save your life.

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