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Whether you’re single and carefree, or planning a family, you want affordable medical aid that delivers. Fedhealth’s flagship flexiFED range gives you exactly that: solid cover that’s perfectly tailored around your needs and pocket.

Take our flexiFED 1 and flexiFED 2 options as an example:

Offers great benefits to young movers and shakers, like trauma treatment at a casualty ward, female contraceptives paid from Risk (which means we foot the bill) and many more.

Takes great care of young couples planning a baby, with for example generous maternity and childhood benefits, the Fedhealth Baby Programme, childhood immunisations and more.

Customise your cover even further to save!

Choose a GRID variant and save 10% every month by opting to use our over 120 world-class network hospitals for any planned hospital procedures.*

Choose an Elect variant to save 25% on your monthly contribution. When you’re young and healthy, you probably won’t need planned procedures, so why pay for more expensive cover just ‘in case’ you need it? Our Elect options are like excess options – so enjoy the discounted contribution, but be willing to pay a R14 700 co-payment in the rare event you do need a planned procedure.* To cover this excess and enjoy other great benefits, you can take out Fedhealth NexGen Gap Cover by Sanlam from just R64.90 p/m for individual members, or R109 p/m for families.
* In case of emergencies, you will still be taken to the nearest private hospital for stabilising treatment.

By letting you customise your flexiFED option,
Fedhealth brings you AFFORDABLE tailor-made medical aid!