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Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme

Back pain is a common cause of morbidity and incapacity, and has a significant social and economic impact. It’s second only to headaches when it comes to painful disorders that affect humans. To address chronic back and neck pain amongst Fedhealth members, before surgery becomes a necessity, Fedhealth offers an established programme for qualifying members suffering from back and neck problems. The Fedhealth Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme is built on the principle of active muscle reconditioning, supported by scientific clinical studies showing that exercise reduces pain and can normalise function in many instances. The programme incorporates the best protocols to improve functional ability and work capability – successfully and effectively – with minimum pain.

What does the Fedhealth Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme cover?

The programme takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to chronic back and neck pain and offers individualised treatment to qualifying members. After an initial assessment, beneficiaries receive treatment twice a week for six weeks. We cover the full cost of the programme for qualifying members. This multidisciplinary programme includes treatment from doctors, physiotherapists and biokineticists to treat severe neck and back pain. The treatment consists of active exercise with appropriate weights and motion. After the initial treatment, you receive a home-based programme to maintain results over the long term.

Please note: The programme does not cover the cost of X-rays, scans and prescribed medicines.

How does the programme work?

STEP 1: Call us on 0860 002 153, follow the prompts to the Disease Management Programme and select the “Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme” or send an email to to see if you qualify for participation in this programme.

STEP 2: You will be assessed by an FP or physiotherapist. This includes a physical examination and tests to check range of movement, nerve health and more. The FP or physiotherapist will take your medical history and explain the possible cause of your chronic pain and the treatment plan for you.

STEP 3: A treatment plan will be put together for you. A patient contract is then signed committing you to a course of treatment. You may have to attend sessions for up to an hour once or twice a week.

STEP 4: After the initial six sessions, you will be re-examined to determine your progress and to discuss your improvement. If all is well you will be discharged with a home exercise programme.

Who can access this benefit?
This benefit is available to qualifying Fedhealth members identified by the Active Disease Risk Management Team, and healthcare providers can contact the Scheme to register eligible beneficiaries. Members may also self-refer. Identified or eligible members are then referred to the programme.

What happens if I don’t complete the programme before non-PMB spinal surgery?
If you choose to go for spinal surgery without first completing the Fedhealth Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme, you will have no benefit for spinal surgery.

How do I apply for the programme?
Please call us on 0860 002 153 or send an email to for more information on the Fedhealth Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation Programme

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