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Medical Aid Benefits

All families need a place to call home, a safe place in which to play and grow. The Fedhealth benefit structure is that home, looking after our members’ health needs with excellent Risk and Day-to-Day benefits.


The scheme pools together members’ contributions to fund a set of benefits, including the Major Medical Benefit, Chronic Disease Benefit, Out-of-Hospital Expenses Benefit and Threshold Benefit. Certain rules and limits apply for when each of the benefits can pay out for particular conditions, treatments and medicines.


The money in your Savings Account is your money and gives you a certain level of control over your spending. Money not used during the year, is carried over to the next year and is called carryover savings. Unused Savings will be paid out to you if you leave the Scheme.



All families need a place to call home, a safe place in which to play and grow. The Fedhealth benefit structure is that home, looking after our members’ health needs excellent Risk and Day-to-Day benefits.

  • Unlimited Network FP Visits


    Unlimited Network FP Visits

    See your Family Practitioner as often as you need on most options, by either visiting any network FP or a nominated family practitioner depending on your option.
  • Birth and Baby Benefit


    Birth and Baby Benefit

    Our Birth and Baby Benefit is a leading programme designed to offer the best advice, support and personalised care during every stage of pregnancy and post childbirth. Put together by experts, this benefit will help you and baby to have a safe journey before, during and after arrival!
  • Screening Benefit


    Screening Benefit

    Most other schemes only offer a simple pharmacy-based wellness programme, but Fedhealth gives you access to the innovative Screening Benefit. This amazing value-added programme pays for child immunisation, screenings for women’s health, cardiac health and the health of older members, as well as even allowing you a FREE annual flu vaccine!
  • 24 Hour Nurse Line


    24 Hour Nurse Line

    The Fedhealth Nurse Line is available 24/7 and is free to all Fedhealth members. We all need a little help from time to time. The Fedhealth Nurse Line offers qualified nurses standing by to assist you with professional medical advice, emergency assistance and friendly support.
  • Emergency Transport Response


    Emergency Transport Response

    When you need us most, we’ll be there as quick as possible. Through our partnership with Europ Assist, we offer our members an emergency transport benefit that covers all bases.
  • Managed Care Programmes


    Managed Care Programmes

    When you’re faced with a life-changing condition or illness, you need your medical aid to stand by your side more than ever. Our Managed Care Programmes will take care of you as best we can.
  • Unique benefits paid from Risk


    Unique benefits paid from Risk

    What sets us apart as a scheme is that together with our first-rate medical aid options, we offer unique value-added benefits. With some of these tangible benefits we pay more from Risk than other schemes to ensure that your day-to-day medical spending not only goes further, but also works harder for you. 
  • Trauma Counselling


    Trauma Counselling

    Our Trauma Management Programme (TMP) is designed to give you FREE trauma management assistance, support and quality care when you need it most.