Are You in a Situationship?

Are You in a Situationship?

29 April 2024

In the landscape of modern romance this phenomenon has become as common as swiping right on a dating app. Being in a situationship is all the rage now. Gigi Hadid and Leonardo Di Caprio are currently in a “no-strings situationship.” Their relationship is open and fluid, neither one of them wants to settle down, both of them keeping it casual.

Sound a little loosey goosey? If you’re looking to play the field and not ready to put your eggs in one basket, this could totally work for you. You may be out of town for business and choose to hook up casually with someone … occasionally. Or, maybe you’ve been on a few dates and feel it’s too early to discuss the relationship status.

A situationship is a delicate dance along a very blurry line. It’s when you default to “it’s complicated” and where the dreaded “what are we?” talk is artfully sidestepped.

A few more telltale signs that you are in a situationship include no photos of the two of you together on social media as well as only communicating via WhatsApp. You go on dates and act like a couple, but you’re not a couple. You introduce each other to friends, but not as anything specific. You clearly mean something to each other, but neither of you can pinpoint what that something is. Sound familiar?

Could it last? A situationship could work for some, but is certainly not for everyone. While situationships can start off as liberating and uncomplicated, they have a dark side. The rules are less black and white, and that’s when things get tricky. Can you date other people?  Can you sleep with them? Although a situationship can be fun and flexible, people are not robots and can change how they feel. There’s usually a tipping point where someone wants more than an ambiguous status. The problem comes when one expects more, but the other is quite happy not to commit.

Ultimately, transparency is the name of the game. The key to satisfaction in a situationship is the same as that of any relationship – that everyone’s needs, desires and expectations are met. It’s difficult for most of us to tolerate uncertainty. So, make sure that both of you are on the same page. Both parties should feel valued and respected, always.

The appeal of a situationship lies in its simplicity and lack of pressure. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, but will it always leave you feeling hungry? If you’re looking for stability and commitment, a situationship might not be a good idea.

Always prioritize your personal growth and wellbeing. Discuss dealbreakers and acknowledge that your needs might change.

Good luck!


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