Cooking with Your Family

Cooking with Your Family

13 April 2018

Do you prefer cooking solo? The reality is that we as parents are busy with work, school, kids’ activities and other responsibilities; we get it! It’s just easier, faster and less messy to do it yourself, right?

Cooking and eating together as a family has declined, and rushed meals and fast food have increased along with weight gain and family dysfunctionality. Truth is, sometimes we are so busy that we forget what’s important: healthy tummies and happy hearts!

If you’re looking for a chance to pause, catch up and connect; start in the kitchen. Cooking is one of those tandem activities that is great for facilitating conversations. Think about it, because you’re doing something, and the focus is on the task, it’s easier for teens to talk about things that they may be too uncomfortable with if you were sitting face to face. And, even if your baby’s only job is to look “cute”, then it’s time well spent.

Also, mom and dad, wouldn’t it be great to have a child who will not only have a healthier attitude towards food, but be interested in trying new and different culinary experiences? Healthy eating is about more than what we eat, it’s about how we eat it, and the mindset and way of thinking that drives our choices of what to eat.

So, if your family is cooking together already – awesome! Here’s more reasons why you should keep up the good work:

Cooking together is an easy way for parents and kids to unplug and connect with each other. Instead of everyone doing their own thing while one person prepares the meal, why not spend some quality time? It’s far too hard to chop veggies while holding onto a mobile device!

It will increase your family’s health. Give them an appreciation for healthy foods. Teach them about eating balanced meals; don’t demonise certain foods and worship others.

It provides teachable moments for little ones. Following recipes, measuring, learning about cooking techniques and cleaning up… it’s the foundation for them to be able to handle themselves in the kitchen as they get older and shows them the importance of sitting down to dinner with family.

Kids are more likely to eat what they make. Accommodating those picky little eaters will be much easier!

Cooking together promotes gratitude. Everyone will appreciate the time, effort and love in preparing a meal if they help out.

It will keep traditions alive by passing on your skills and family recipes.

Remember, you don’t have to wait until your kids are old enough to be on MasterChef Junior to get them cooking. Once they can understand basic safety rules, they’re ready.

So, put down the smartphones, tablets, earbuds and videogame controllers… it’s time to tie back any long hair, put your aprons on and wash those hands!

Bring your family together around the stove, and you’re guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime. Happy cooking!


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