Nesting During Pregnancy

Nesting During Pregnancy

24 July 2018

So mama-to-be, it’s 2am and while snacking on a peanut butter covered pickle (and also grabbing some ice cream) you notice that the freezer needs cleaning, and it needs to be done right now… all while carrying a belly the size of a small planet!

Truth is, endless odd but totally scientific things happen to women during their pregnancies. There are the mood swings, nausea, sore boobs, discoloration of certain body parts (yep!) and the constant peeing, all thanks to hormones, we’ve heard.

And then there’s nesting… Birds do it, mammals do it, and of course humans do it; you’re preparing your “nest” for your soon-to-arrive little one.

Around the third trimester of your pregnancy you might possibly feel the urge to prepare every nook and cranny of your home to meet a tiny little stranger who quite frankly, won’t care whether your shower has been bleached or not. But, know this mom-to-be, it’s all normal. In fact, there’s an old wives’ tale that when the urge to nest takes over, it’s a pretty good sign that labour is around the corner.

Although not much research has been done on this common instinct, one of the few formal studies conducted in 2013 found that pregnant women spend more time cleaning and organising their home than women who aren’t pregnant.

This is nature’s way of getting you ready to nurture a child – an increase in the amount of adrenaline coursing through your body around 38 weeks of pregnancy contributes to this frenzy, but the emotional factors are just as strong. Thing is, no matter how much we’re looking forward to life with baby, it’s scary knowing that we’re in for such a drastic change, and preparing our surroundings as much as possible, makes us feel like we have just a little bit of an edge in getting this whole “new mom” thing right.

The “nesting-phase” happens to be the perfect time to complete all those last-minute arrangements that will ensure that your baby enters a safe and healthy home.

Maybe it’s time to think about restocking your fridge and padding your pantry. Stock up on staples you’ll need once baby arrives. Be sure to line your shelves with every healthy convenience you can think of. Cook in quantity if your nesting instinct is accompanied by the joy of cooking. You’ll be grateful to come face-to-freeze with homemade meals later on!

Do you feel like doing some laundry? Do it there and then – as the washer and dryer will have to work hard enough just to keep up once your little one arrives. Also, stock up on everything your baby shower didn’t fill. And remember to stock up on goodies for yourself too – buy nursing bras if you intend to breastfeed, as well as nursing pads and stock up on comfy underwear, trust me on this one!

Sure, some to-do’s are important, but always keep safety precautions in mind. Avoid risky business, such as climbing a ladder to scrub the bathroom ceiling… again! Also avoid chemical agents and toxic fumes; opt for organic cleaning products. Remember that most paints contain volatile organic compounds that may be harmful to your baby. So, rather contribute to the painting process by choosing the colours for the nursery – leave the actual painting to your partner. A pregnant lady gets what a pregnant lady wants, right?

Take good care of yourself, beautiful mama-to-be. Be sure to take frequent breaks and snack often – you’re going to need some extra energy.

Happy nesting!


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