Destination Addiction: Are You Guilty?

Destination Addiction: Are You Guilty?

13 November 2018

Okay, so you’re probably thinking: “What in the world is this, is it another disease and have I already contracted it?”

If you regularly sigh that you’re not living the life you’ve imagined, well, then you’re probably suffering from ‘destination addiction’. This new buzzword is a preoccupation with the idea that happiness is in the next place, the next job or with the next partner. Yep, in our manic society, we are living our lives fast, but are we living them well?

“I’ll be happy when I can fit into a smaller pair of jeans, or when I’m able to buy a new house …” We are always rushing to get through as many experiences as quickly as possible, always thinking about what comes next, right? But surely life isn’t all about getting things done. Surely, it’s not all about the destination. Think about it, if life were just about destinations, restaurants would only serve desserts, and sex would have no foreplay!

Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Robert Holden, reminds us that until you give up the idea that happiness is someplace else, it will never be where you are.

Enjoying life now, with what you have now, is the secret to happiness. Oprah swears by it and Richard Branson touts it as his life philosophy.

Can you recall the last time you truly felt content? The real destination isn’t about getting there, it’s about being here. True, your jeans might be a size bigger than you’d like, but with your favorite top your reflection looks pretty good in the mirror, right?

So, how do you find pleasure every day on this roller coaster of life?

See the beauty around you. Notice the water on the grass, or the dimple in a stranger’s chin. Pay attention to the small things. Earth is art for all of us to devour!

Smile often. What if today was your last day? Every day is filled with endless possibilities.

Celebrate moments. Don’t wait for the big ones – celebrate everything that’s important to you.

Banish comparisons. Love who, and where you are right now.

Stop worrying, it only stops us from thriving.

Make time for family and friends. Reach out often and without reason.

Forgive, don’t hold grudges. Not only are they exhausting, they do us no good.

Don’t hold onto should-haves and regrets. This moment is where it’s at. Always.

Be part of something bigger. Do for others.

Document your blessings. Appreciate what you already have.

Create. Make something beautiful. Your soul will thank you endlessly.

Don’t take life too seriously. Let go quickly and love deeply. Trust that life is unfolding as it should.

Overcoming destination addiction starts with an admission of the status quo. Once we become aware of its negative effects on our lives, we can transition from living a somewhat fear-based life, to one that gives us space to breathe; conscious of every blessing life has in store for us right now.

Make sure that you don’t get so tangled up in the future that you forget to feel happy on the way there.

It’s not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living. Don’t be one of those people.


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