1 August 2018

There’s a Hashtag currently trending on Instagram which is taking South Africa by storm.

In celebration of Youth Day, celebrity Jo Lurie, challenged other celebrities to get real and show their unfiltered side. Why? Well, Jo wanted to stop the dream selling and promote truth telling. She called up several celebrities to ask them to post more “real” posts on social media, showing fans that their lives are not as glamorous as it may appear. And, the reaction was phenomenal!

Tumi Morake, Gail Mabalani, Celeste Ntuli, Roxy Burger (to name but a few), all came to the party! In fact, Roxy Burger shared her five months postpartum body, acknowledging that her belly is still flabby and that her boobs (her own words) are riddled with stretch marks! She admits that balancing work and motherhood is tough. Why would she share this brutally honest reflection of her life on social media?

Truth is, life isn’t perfect; not for anyone. Everyone faces daily struggles – it doesn’t matter who you are or what your social standing is. And, it doesn’t make you weak to let people see this, it makes you incredibly brave.

Research shows that there’s been a marked increase in depression and suicide linked to people’s feelings of inadequacy due to Instagram. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and social media has a hand in it. Young people feel increased pressure to live up to a snapshot of a fabulous life, or body, they think they should have.

Isn’t it time to be more real and show more than the perfect side of our lives? Sure, we are all pushed to live beyond the bread and butter ideas. But, hopes and dreams are often put on hold, and that’s totally okay, because life happens. REAL life happens.

So, open yourself up and don’t miss the opportunity to find what’s right in front of you. Start to love and accept yourself unconditionally, yes, warts and all, right now! Commit to living wholeheartedly – give this moment your all. Every day is a second chance, so remind yourself every night that it was a good day and that it is done. Soak up and savour the simple pleasures in life – your morning coffee or the sun on your back. Accept the things that you cannot change and spend your energy on the things that you can.

Remember, Instagram is a snapshot, a magazine cover. And yes, some things are personal and shared only with friends and family – but let’s be a bit more real and show more than the perfect side of our lives.

Authenticity is more important than conformity. Commit to living, working, eating, sleeping and loving, in ways that feel right to YOU. Nourish your body with whole foods, water, exercise and sufficient sleep, and nurture relationships that bring joy to your life. Isn’t this what REAL life is about?

#GramSham highlights the importance of being real. What started out as a Youth Day Initiative is clearly a much bigger conversation and needs to carry on.

Have the courage to be fearlessly authentic.

“Be your true self, everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde



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