How to Conquer New Job Jitters

How to Conquer New Job Jitters

29 January 2019

Just landed an amazing new job? Congrats!

Starting a new job is incredibly exciting (translation: “incredibly nerve-wracking!”) Thing is, whether it’s your first position or your fifth, those first few days on the job can be more than a little intimidating. No matter how confident you are in your own abilities or how much professional experience you have, new job jitters are totally normal… change is often uncomfortable.

All ears for some good advice? Hey, you’ve put in the hard work to get to this point (and have the bitten fingernails to prove it) so, let’s make sure that you start that new gig with everything you need to succeed.

We have a few tips for “the new kid on the block”:

If you haven’t started yet, schedule a break between jobs. Take a few days off if you can swing it. It’s a good way to decompress, relax and start anew with a refreshed, engaged brain. Also, make a to-do list on what needs to get done before you start, it’s never a good idea to ask for time off right away.

Be punctual from the very first day. Better yet – get in early. Establish yourself right from the start as someone who’s always on time.

Be flexible. Leave room in your schedule to come in early or to stay late.

Check on the company’s social media policy. Some companies don’t care about employees posting on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest during working hours, some do. Obviously make sure that what colleagues can view is fit for public consumption.

Build relationships – with everyone! Be inclusive – get to know your colleagues, the clerical staff and the cleaners.

Bring your A-game from day one. Reinforce that you’re the right person for the job.

Be a sponge. Get to know your company’s culture, office politics and department goals.

Seek out the risers – you will want to join the go-getters of the company.

Join in on informal events. If you get asked to lunch or happy hour, say yes. It’s a great way to meet people and it shows that you’re excited to be part of the team.

Add value. Offer to help. There may be some down time during your first few days on the job as your boss and the team adjust to having you around. If it means running to the copier, do it in good spirit. Don’t just sit around.

Ask for help. Be ready to receive constructive criticism – don’t take it personally and respond gracefully. Make any changes you need to immediately.

Be humble. No one likes a know it all. Take time to get to know the office politics, listen and learn.

Say “thank you”. Send a quick note of gratitude to those who helped you through your first few days.

Remember, chances are that you came through a lengthy selection process before being selected as the best person for the job.

So, for now, as the “newbie” don’t despair. Being new doesn’t mean you’re invisible, it just means people don’t know how great you are yet.

You’re going to do a great job – that’s why they hired you!


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