12 July 2018

So, here’s something interesting about the royals: Princess Kate has a new hobby. During a recent trip to Scotland, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed her love of knitting.

Knitting is soaring in popularity and the boom in this traditional craft has very much been fuelled by celebrity knitters. Yep, turns out that even some of Hollywood’s most recognisable faces are known to spin a few yarns in their off time!

Catherine Zeta Jones was captured knitting behind the scenes of the movie Mask of Zorro and has been rumoured to have knit her whole family ponchos as Christmas gifts one year! Joining her is sassy Demi Lovato, pretty woman Julia Roberts, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker (to name but a few).

Did you know knitting was originally a male only occupation? Another crazy fact is that knitting was also used as therapy for “Shell Shock” (aka PTSD) during the two World Wars. Not surprising then that heart throb Ryan Gosling loves to knit! True, he’s been the subject of many a “Hey Girl” knitting meme, but he learned the craft on the set of the quirky Indie film, Lars and the Real Girl and is not ashamed to do a bit of needle clacking between shoots. David Arquette was taught how to knit by his grandma and loves knitting so much that he appeared on the cover of Celebrity Scarves to support breast cancer research.

So yes, knitting used to be a stereotype of grandmothers everywhere, but Hollywood celebrities are bringing the cool back to knitting circles.

It’s more than a craft and according to the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, knitting has significant psychological and social benefits which can contribute to wellbeing and quality of life.

So, find your tribe and start your own close-knit circle (no pun intended!) to:

Make you happy. In a study of 3 500 knitters by The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% of respondents with depression said that they felt happy after knitting. Psychiatrists believe this is due both to the fact that you’re instantly creating something useful and (hopefully) beautiful.

Boost your memory. Knitting stimulates your motor cortex, frontal and occipital lobes; strengthening your mind.

Reduce the risk of dementia. It’s scientifically proven that using your hands in a productive way triggers activity in 60% of your brain, thereby reducing cognitive impairment.

Relieve stress, anxiety and depression. It allows you to focus on the task in front of you rather than dwelling in a perpetual circle of stress.

Enforce mindfulness. It’s calming, relaxing and keeps us centred because of the repetitive rhythmic movement.

Get you fit. Okay, maybe not “fit-fit” but an hour of knitting burns up to 55 calories. Who knew?

Make a difference. There’s so much need out there. Knit scarves, socks or blankets for the needy. Go on to the Knitted Knockers website and join the initiative to knit a prosthetic option for breast cancer survivors. So rewarding!

We are all trying to live the dream: to be superwomen with great careers, happy and healthy families, beautiful bodies and positive self-images. But being superwoman often means missing out on the desire for personal gratification, pleasure, happiness and playtime. All essential to our wellbeing, don’t you think?

In our fast-paced world, isn’t it time to do something that requires slowing down?

C’mon, give it a go!


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are experiencing symptoms or need health advice, please consult a healthcare professional.

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