How To Ace That Exam

How To Ace That Exam

4 June 2018

Exams are just around the corner and whether you’re the matric class of 2018 about to embark on one of the most important exams of your life, or just looking to get past the upcoming exams to enjoy the holidays beyond, this is it!

Yep, it’s make or break for thousands of pupils across the country. It’s time to make sure that the time you have left is well spent. However, learning how to fast track your studies and unleash the genius when you are overwhelmed by workload, well, it can be challenging.

Thing is, exams doesn’t just test what you’ve learnt and mastered over the past years, it also puts your courage and resilience on trial.

According to Darren Denholm, Southern Hemisphere Memory Champion and founder of Powerstudying, it is a known fact that studying success and failure does not only depend on ability. In fact, it largely depends on the extent to which learners are able to apply study methods and techniques.

The key to any exam is preparation and for some this is a major headache. But, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of techniques, tips and hacks out there. The trick is to find the ones that will help you to work smarter, not harder.

So, we have a few suggestions on how to double your productivity this exam:

Create a study timetable and commit to it. Share this with your peers and family members to help keep you on a committed track.

Have a designated spot to study. Keep it well ventilated and organised; this will prime your brain for studying.

Don’t get side-tracked. Your brain produces information about what you perceive to be important and what you think about most of the time. If you spend a lot of time on social media your brain won’t function optimally.

Commit to your wellbeing. Keep your brain fuelled by choosing nutritious foods. Healthy snacks are where it’s at; sugar may seem appealing but your energy levels will crash an hour later. Taking a supplement with good levels of Vitamin B and Omega 3 will be helpful.

Staying hydrated is essential for your brain to function optimally.

Say YES to cardio. Just 20 minutes of cardio each day will improve your memory.

Study in small, short chunks. Take a break every 45 minutes

Make study notes super colourful. Use bright colours to separate headings and categories to stimulate your mind creatively.

Use flashcards. This is one of the most effective study methods. Write down important facts and review on a regular basis.

Improve your learning speed by setting time limits.

Take 20 minutes out of your day to reflect on the important facts. Information will be lost within 24 hours if not reflected on.

Get your hands on old exam papers to familiarise yourself with the structure and the format.

Keep your cool. Breathe!

Remember, you will never know your limits unless you push yourself to the maximum.

Good luck!

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